Grant Evaluation Report

Grant Evaluation Reports for programs/projects funded by the Foundation are to be submitted through the Foundation's web-based online system.

This includes successful Grant Applications that were submitted in hard-copy format prior to the launch of the online, web-based grant application process.

Grant recipients will be notified and sent a web site link by the Foundation about six months after getting their grant award and in advance of their Grant Evaluation Report's due date.

A grant recipient wanting to submit a Grant Evaluation Report prior to being contacted by the Foundation may contact Beth Broomall at the Foundation office at or use the following link to access the Requirements section of the Grant Application ... click here.

The Foundation requires that grant recipients submit a Grant Evaluation Report for each grant that is awarded. This report is due 60 days after the completion of the program/project or one-year after the date on which the grant was made, whichever comes first. If a program/project is delayed and the original timetable is altered, grant recipients should advise the Foundation. If a program/project extends beyond one year from the date on which the grant was made, grant recipients must submit a Grant Evaluation Report on progress to date. In general, no grants will be awarded to organizations that have not submitted a Grant Evaluation Report for a prior program/project.

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