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Online Grant Application Process

The Foundation's online, web-based grant application process is designed to make applying for a grant easier and more time efficient for non-profit organizations.

Grant applicants are strongly advised to review the Foundation's grantmaking guidelines, lest undue time be spent applying for a grant that is not likely to be funded click on the menu item at left. Another menu item provides information about the Foundation's history of grantmaking, including the organizations that have received awards, the amounts of the grants, and specifics about the programs that were funded. This information is included in annual reports.

The customized grant application format mirrors the Foundation's previous hard-copy format. Applicants are directed to fill in specific fields and upload certain documents. Additional documents (e.g. newsletters, news articles, annual reports, etc. ) may be uploaded as well. The total maximum upload capacity is 25MB. Applicants can also share additional information by providing links to areas of their own websites in the text of their applications.

Grant applications are reviewed by the Foundation's Directors, who meet monthly. A period of up to 60 days is usually required from the time an application is submitted until the time a grant request is approved or declined.

If an organization has received a previous grant from the Foundation, a Grant Evaluation Report must have been submitted for the most recent previous grant before a new Grant Application will be considered.

Got Questions?

Anyone with questions may call or email Grants Coordinator Beth Broomall at 513/241-2658 or email

The Foundation would appreciate feedback from grant application organizations about the online application process.

To submit an Online Grant Application, click here. This applies to both first-time grant applicants and current or former grant applicants and recipients.

To edit a saved Grant Application that is in progress or to submit a Grant Evaluation Report in the Requirements section of an existing Grant Application, click here.

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