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Dater Foundation Presents Portraits to Dater Schools

Cincinnati, Ohio, April 14, 2005 -- Large portraits of school namesake Gilbert Dater and his grandson Charles Dater were unveiled Thursday, April 14 in ceremonies at Gilbert Dater High School in Western Hills.

A painting of Gilbert Dater had hung at the former Dater Junior High from 1967 to 2001. When the junior high became a K-6 Montessori school and the 7-12 high school was established in 2001, the Gilbert Dater painting moved to the high school.

New paintings were commissioned by the Charles H. Dater Foundation so each school could have portraits of both Gilbert and Charles. Nationally acclaimed Cincinnati portrait artist Carl Samson painted three portraits of Charles Dater and two copies of a 1965 Gilbert Dater original painting by artist William Fay. Portraits of both men will also hang in the Foundation’s office.

The portraits were presented at Dater High School by Foundation directors Jack Frank, Bruce Krone, David Olberding and John Silvati. Students participated in the cremony. A presentation at Dater Montessori will take place in May.

“We’re so pleased to have these two wonderful paintings to remind our students and staff of our heritage and two men who have made significant contributions to our schools,” said Dr. Beverly Eby, principal at Dater High School.

Meg Thomas, principal at Dater Montessori, echoed similar enthusiasm.

“Students and parents are always asking about Gilbert Dater,” she said. “Having these paintings will help us tell the story with more than just words.”

“The Foundation is pleased to do this,” said President David Olberding. “Charles was a strong believer in the importance of public education. One of his reasons for establishing the foundation was to insure that his estate would provide ongoing support for worthwhile community programs and projects, and education has been a major focus of our grantmaking.”

The Foundation has made grants regularly to the Dater schools since 1988, first to Dater Junior High and then to the newly-formed Montessori and high schools. Additional grants to the Cincinnati Scholarship Fund provide scholarship awards for graduates of Dater High School.

The Dater name in Cincinnati dates to the 1830s when Adam Dater arrived from Germany at age 48 and settled in what is now known as Over the Rhine. Adam’s son Gilbert inherited his father’s work ethic, started a wholesale grocery business, and invested wisely in land purchases.

Adam’s son Charles Henry Dater grew the family fortune with involvement in the stockyards and banking. Charles Hixson Dater, born in 1912, was only 17 when his father died, and he was thrust into helping his mother manage the family’s holdings at an early age. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati, pursued an MBA at Harvard and served in the Army during World War II. When his mother died, the family’s investments and residential land development became his full-time focus.

Charles Dater established the foundation bearing his name in 1985, eight years before his death. The foundation makes grants to non-profit organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area to carry out projects and programs that benefit children in the areas of arts/culture, education, healthcare, social services and other community needs.

The Charles H. Dater Foundation has awarded more than 1,300 grants totaling over $21 million since its inception.


For additional information, contact: Roger Ruhl, public relations counsel to the Dater Foundation – 513-598-1141 Dr. Beverly Eby, Principal, Gilbert Dater High School – 513-363-7200

Remarks by David Olberding, President of the Charles H. Dater Foundation, at a ceremony unveiling portraits of Gilbert and Charles Dater at Gilbert Dater High School on April 14, 2005:

The Charles H. Dater Foundation is really pleased to be involved with Dater High School and to support the school that bears the name of Charles’ grandfather, Gilbert.

Before I continue, let me introduce some people to you … three other directors and officers of the Foundation … Jack Frank, Bruce Krone and John Silvati. And the Foundation’s grants coordinator Beth Broomall. Shortly after its inception the Foundation began providing financial support to Dater Junior High while Charles was still alive back in the late 1980’s. That support has continued with the establishment of Dater High and Dater Montessori.

Charles was a strong believer in the importance of public education. He went to public schools and he graduated from the University of Cincinnati. One of his reasons for establishing the foundation was to insure that his estate would provide ongoing support for worthwhile community programs and projects, and education has been a major focus of our grantmaking. The Foundation has made more than 1,300 grants totaling over $21-million dollars.

Besides making grants, a role of the Foundation and its directors is to promote the concept of philanthropy ... and we think the story of Charles Dater and his commitment to giving back to his community is a great example for all of us. He gave generously during his lifetime ... and he keeps on giving today through the Foundation he established.

The idea that portraits of Gilbert and Charles will be hanging here at the high school and also at Dater Montessori is pleasing to those of us who knew Charles and knew how much he cared about his neighborhood schools.

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