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When are grant applicants notified if proposals have been accepted or declined?
ANSWER:   Grant applicants are advised that their Grant Request/Application has been approved or declined about two weeks after the board meets to discuss the proposal. If the applicant has allowed 60 days for board consideration and has listed the date by which a funding decision is needed, every effort is made to accommodate the timing in the applicant’s request

When does the Board make decisions about grant applications?
ANSWER:   Foundation directors/officers meet monthly to review grant applications. The Grant Request/Application form asks applicants to list the date by which a funding decision is requested or needed. The board may act immediately (generally 60 days) upon receipt of a Grant Request/Application form, or it may delay a decision until the date given by the grant applicant. More

How are grant applications reviewed?
ANSWER:   Foundation directors/officers review every Grant Request/Application in preparation for monthly board and grant allocation meetings. Each request is discussed at the meeting. The Foundation typically receives several hundred grant applications annually.  125 grants totaling $4,983,000 were awarded in the 2019-20 grant year.

What size grants does the Foundation generally make?
ANSWER:   The Foundation awarded 147 grants totaling $3,907,446 in 2018-19. Grants ranged from $1,000 to $125,000.  The median grant was $25,000 and the average  grant was  $26,581.  A breakdown of these grants follows:

Less than 10,000 - 5

$10,000 to 24,999 - 56
$25,000 to 49,999 - 68
$50,000 to 99,999 - 16

More than $100,000 - 2

Are grants made to individuals?

What is the Foundation's primary grant-making focus?
ANSWER:   The Foundation makes grants to private, non-profit organizations and public agencies in Greater Cincinnati for programs that benefit children, teens and young adults in the region in the areas of arts/culture, education, healthcare, social services and other community needs. Grants are not made to individuals.

How many copies of the grant application must be submitted?
ANSWER:   The Foundation encourages grant applicants to use the online Grant Application process.  If assistance is needed, contact the Foundation office.

What other attachments to the grant application are helpful to Board members?
ANSWER:   The attachment list on the Grant Request/Application Form reads as follows: "Attach/enclose any additional information you feel would be helpful in the review of this Grant Request/Application." That said, applicants should be confident that enclosures are relevant. Energy spent accurately and concisely filling out the Grant Request/Application form is probably the best use of an applicant's time/resources in the application process.

When must a Grant Evaluation Report be submitted?
ANSWER:   A Grant Evaluation Report is due 60 days after the completion of the program/project or one-year after the date on which the grant was made, whichever comes first. The Grant Request/Application form asks the date on which the Grant Evaluation Report will be submitted. If a program/project is delayed and the original timetable is altered, grant recipients should advise the Foundation. If a program/project extends beyond one year from the date on which the grant was made, a Grant Evaluation Report on progress to date. In general, no grants will be awarded to organizations that have not submitted a Grant Evaluation Report for a prior program/project.

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