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Published Date: July 31, 2020

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Teens at Edge Teen Center discovered the wonders of healthy eating and meal prep with the launch of a new program series encouraging students to explore healthy living through the culinary arts.

Facilitated by two adult volunteers with a unique passion for teaching others their love for cooking and baking, teens were invited to learn everything from proper kitchen safety to nutrition to creating delicious food from scratch.

At least twice a month, teens were able to sign up for either a small group lesson in breadmaking or a special recipe cooking class.

Over the course of the semester, 25 unique students participated, and the recipes ranged from rice balls to desserts made with strawberries - all made completely from scratch and even hand-mixed. 

They learned how to properly measure, chop and dice vegetables, safely store perishable ingredients, select and purchase budget-friendly ingredients for meal planning and most importantly take pride in their end products.

Each session yielded enough samples for the entire teen center allowing the students to share with their peers what they had been busy preparing.

What was especially exciting was the pride these classes instilled in the teen participants. Students were asking if they could invite their parents during pick-up to come check out their new skills in the kitchen, to see them in action.

Every teen who signed up for a class was also given recipe cards and encouraged to share their new skills with their families; many teens reported back having received positive reviews from their loved ones.


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