Celebrating Clifford's 50 years of entertaining and educating

Published Date: February 12, 2013

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WCET threw a 50th birthday party for Clifford the Big Red Dog, and the Dater Foundation joined in and provided a big cake. The Foundation is a supporter of CET’s children’s programming, which includes Clifford’s TV show. More than 200 children were at the party, which included a reading area, rescue dogs, and fun and games.  Foundation directors Amanda Lenhart and Roger Ruhl.were on hand.

Violent video games and their affect on children are getting a lot of attention these days. It is reassuring to know that that quality educational programming like Clifford, Big Bird, Seseme Street and other PBS presentations are available over through public television and station web sites to positively impact young boys and girls.  

Click here to see a WCET video on YouTube of Clifford's Birthday.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Designed for children ages 3-7, the animated television series is based on the books of the same name and uses classic storytelling to present universal social, emotional, and moral messages to young children. These fun-filled episodes follow Clifford and his pals (both canine and human) as they play, discover and interact with each other and the inhabitants of Birdwell Island, learning that good friends are what life is all about. The stories are fun, gentle and kid-relatable They deal with issues that kids are experiencing: whether it's bragging, not wanting to share or learning that telling the truth is the best policy. More importantly, though, they learn that the world is out there to be discovered with gusto.

The series' educational messages focus on simple, tangible life lessons that are designed to help young children navigate their world as they become part of an ever-expanding community.  Each episode incorporates one or more of Clifford’s Big Ideas (Ideas To Grow On) –
Be a Good Friend
Be Kind
Be Responsible
Be Responsible
Be Truthful
Believe in Yourself
Have Respect
Help Others
Play Fair
Work Together

For more information, search the internet for “Clifford The Big Red Dog.”  Here’s one link with a lot of information -- http://pbskids.org/clifford/index-puppy-flash.html

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