2017-18 Annual Report

The Dater Foundation is in the process of producing its 2017-18 annual report.  The report will cover grants made from September 2917 to August 2018.

This year’s annual report in two formats – a printed booklet as in the past and a new online version.

As grantmaking has increased, it has become impractical to publish grant recipient and program profiles in the printed booklet.  The 2017-18 booklet will contain all other information that appeared in past annual reports and it will urge readers to go online to read expanded grant recipient and program profiles.  The online version will allow for more in-depth profiles, photos, and links to other information.

Past annual reports and grants lists from 2017-18 and the current year of 2018-19 are available in the News/Photos section of the web site.  See Grant History.

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